My window on the world – Strawberry Singh Meme

This morning I read a new blog post on Strawberry’s blog and thought thats something I can do too lol, so here it is… how my window looks like.

Pookey window to the world

I like to have a clean look so my viewer has only the buttons I use daily – 3 on each side, left for world, right for photos and bottom for my avi.

Then other things:

1. Stack – this is important because it gets pretty big if I am online for a while, I usually have few notecards I work on (or have to finish before logging out), profiles, groups list and some other adjustments like windlights or phototools.

2. Akeyo AO because its the best I tried, lets me add animations by simply dragging them inside without setup  notecards. I have all my dances inside too and can invite anyone to dance with me. And its tiny hahaha

3. Anypose is the hud I use for moving clients eyes and body parts, I bought the advanced version because it works great and for a while I thought to use it to make poses.

4. Mysti Tool because I can’t live without it lol, its just something I am really used to have.

Another helpful thing I use for ages now is attached to my avi and saved in every outfit I have, it is “Avatar finder by Artizan” a tiny gadget that lets me quickly contact people by simly typing “/6avatars name” in local chat, it opens their profile and says is the person online. It made my life waaaay easier!

If you want to read here is the blog post


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