Black and white play

Candle light will shine best in a dark room same as all the good in the world would lose its power if there was no evil. Chinese philosophy speaks about Yin and Yang as complementary forces that interact to form a system in which the whole is greater than the parts. In the simplest possible way, Yin is black female focused on the inside and Yan is her male partner, white and focused on the outside.

Everything we see, everything we know about can be summarized to these, but it is never one or another, you can’t find a single person and say he is all Yang same as you can’t find a single spot in the world and say left is light and right is dark (or up and down, inside-outside etc.).

For me the ultimate beauty is to observe their interactions, the neverending seductive game between the light and the dark therefore I couldn’t miss the Monday meme by Strawberry Singh, even if its already Tuesday. Who cares, we’re playing and having fun so go ahead and check how lights and shadows play on my avi.

Tamara bw portrait

I didn’t do much editing, besides liquify, some skin smoothing and few shadow fixes. I added 2 hair strands, one on left and other on the right side. Pose is mine.

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