Sims where you can rezz objects

List of sims where you can rezz objects, some have autoreturn and some ask you to join their group. Some a re beautiful and some are not haha, feel free to comment and add more, I will try to keep this updated.

Annwn Willows. Underwater, really beautiful place. 30 min autoreturn. Has a Flickr group too and here is the slurl

The Trace 60 min autoreturn,

Flickr group

Fellini Couture 1 min autoreturn

Baja Norte beach, you need to join the group (fee is 200L$) to be able to rezz

Black Basalt beach, join group to rezz (100L$)

The Kingdom of Taure Ru – Medieval Fantasy Roleplay. Free rezz

Pirate cove, fairy, elf. Free rezz

ElvenGlen –Market-   Welcome to Elf lands free rezz, ancient sl look

Gethsemane,  dark ancient castle, 10 minutes autoreturn

The Beguiled: Art Gallery and Studio, a sim for SL photography and photo shoots. Grass, flowers, colors. Free rezz

Wanderstill, Ode ~ Home to Frippery Artistic Jewelry. Grass, flowers, trees, free rezz

Foul Whisperings Strange Matters. Sand, ruins, artistic, 10 min autoreturn

-Dirty Rat- Main Store. Urban, grunge, apocalyptic, vintage. 5 min autoreturn

Willows Cove and Willowdale Communities, family town rp, free rezz

Forgotten City 5 min autoreturn

Caledon Tamrannoch! Small town. 60 min autoreturn

Independent State of Caledon. Another small town place with 60 min autoreturn

German Volunteers, town look, 20 min autoreturn

Lollygagger Lane, suburb, trash town llook, free rezz

Bentham Manor-Haunted House mushrooms Dark Fantasy Fairytale. 5 min autoreturn

***CHAKRYN FOREST*** good luck with 1 min autoreturn

Oubliette ~Silver white winters that melt into.. Spring! Dark green rocky terrain and huge trees 5 min autoreturn

Equinox Island, Rocky, mountain, free rezz

Da Vinci Gardens. Castles, dragons,  tropical islands, sealife, Egypt, 1 min autoreturn, many people

Balderdash – Bagatelle and Trinketry – Main Store. Fairy- tale feel, 5 min autoreturn

Sea Ranch. Beach and boats. Free rezz.

OCEANFRONT ….GREAT VISTA, steampunk, beach, ocean view, free rezz

Fotoscope, sim made for photographs, 10 min autoreturn

The Wastelands : A post apocalyptic community! 15 min autoreturn


*Edelweiss* Le Mont Saint-Michel, old church 1 min autoreturn

Blake Diego Navy / Pirate Seaport 30 min autoreturn

Bartlett Narrows, boats, beach, dock, 15 min autoreturn

Charlie Alpha Tango, I have no idea whats there, just some sim lol

Dead End City Roleplay – BDSM, Kidnap, Urban-Noir Role-play best for urban dirty looks

Crack Den – Street / Urban Roleplay 1 min autoreturn

AFTER THE FALL – Dark Urban Role Play 1 min autoreturn

Virtual Decay Mainstore – Urban Industrial Excellence 3 min autoreturn

Highers Hideout Mall & Club, nature, grass ruins, free rezz

[WOS] Missing Mile Dark Rural Community – This is you life! 120 min autoreturn

LEA Machinima Open Studio Project (MOSP) 20 min autoreturn

Srs Corp. Main Store, sci-fi free rezz


TORLEY ISLAND =^_^= OMG! CYBERSPACE! DIGITAL FRONTIER! lulz, cyberpunk 5 min autoreturn

TRANSIENT PARCEL TESTS – TERRAFORM FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! I’ve put this one not because of photography but because many people don’t know about this place where you can practice terraforming and other stuff, 15 min autoreturn

! [Borderland Raceway] !   Bikers, free rezz

BILLIONAIRE GP – Rez Zone – Ground Vehicles Only – NO PARKING! Full sim for racing

EDO JAPAN 1 min autoreturn

AMM Design-Asian/Japanese Creations, ancient look 1 min autoreturn

Another website I found that has great locations (not sure if they all allow rezzing)

5 thoughts on “Sims where you can rezz objects

  1. Holy batman! That’s a huge list. Thank you so much for posting this. Looks like there may be a few places in there for some photo ops too. 🙂

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