How to make Materials for Second Life Creations

Really useful post, have to try it!

How the heck are you doing this?

Materials in Second Life are a great thing. They give items some depth or/and a great shine that really moves with the light. But how to make those normal maps and specular maps you need to get your items materials ready?

There are numerous ways to do that, as you might have guessed. The way I’ll show you is just one of many. It is not perfect but I found it is easy enough and looks decent in Second life 🙂

This tutorial assumes that you are working with Photoshop and Windows, though there is also a standalone version of the plug-in I use. I just never tested it so I cannot tell you how that one works and I have not seen a Mac version of it, sorry.

Okay first we need to download the plugin. It is called xNormal and you can get it here.


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