Before and after secondlife snapshot

Removing the background from crazy hairs

This is one of the easiest and quickest way for me to remove the bg from crazy/messy sl hairs. Hair is exactly as it was in SL and there are no leftovers.

1. Open the photo in Gimp
2. Right click on it and look at the bottom of the list, click
“Add alpha channel”.

3. Go to “Color” (top menu) and chose “color to alpha”. You will get a small window where you can chose the bg color that will be set to alpha (invisible). Default is white. Hit ok.

4. White is removed but you see your whole avi changed the color. To fix this you need to add white color only on areas where is your avatar.
5. Create a new layer, chose white as fill color and move this layer below your avatar layer.
6. Right click on your avi layer and chose “Alpha to selection”.

6 7
7. Click on the white layer to make it active.
8. Click Ctrl+I to invert the selection and hit delete, then Ctrl+Shift+A to clear the selection. Thats it!

9. You can zoom in and check the details, maybe you need to take the brush and paint in some details on your fill layer or delete some pixels that went outside the selection – this really depends on the size and quality of the snapshot you work with.
10. When happy with the result merge layers. You’re done.

When you have green or any other bg color instead of white the process is a bit longer but nothing too complicated.

Before the step 3. where you go “Color to alpha” click on your foreground color, then on the little color picker and click on the green bg on your photo. Then in the little preview window select and copy the value of that green color, mine was 00ff01. Go “Color”, then “Color to alpha” and in the little window paste that value you just copied. Hit ok.
This will remove all green not only from the bg but also from your avi so again you will have to fix the colors on your avi.
Create a new layer and in the little window chose to fill it with the foreground color. Move the layer below your avi layer and repeat steps from 6 to 10.

a1 a2 a3

I used to get great results and some not so good, best results are when I use white or grey bg and huge snapshots with all graphics at max. For this I took the snapshot at 3800 width and got pretty messy selection. So what I do is delete all green color below the hairs and leave it only below the avi.

Details fix with green
These 4 little pics show 2 Gimp photos – 1st is when you do “color to alpha” and see how her hand is too red, 2nd photo is when you create the new layer and fill the selection with the color you removed (the bg color); and 2 ps photos – 3rd shows how I delete all green from hairs and leave it only below the avi and 4th photo shows the final result.

And for the end: Open, go resources and stock images, stock images and chose any you want to use. Don’t forget to check does the owner asks for credits or something.


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