I like to try things out so I am trying to make a blog now.

This “About me” text is something like my Slife story… think I hate when you connect a letter S with some rl word. Anyway I have a feeling this is going to be a longer post, just in case my avatar manages to live long life and becomes old and forgets half of the stuff she did, this is where she is going to remind herself 😀 If anyone feels curious and wants to read dig in, if not well who cares lol

First things first; I created this avi on April 18th 2010. and since then I am just exploring around and trying what I can do. I like to read and click on things to see what will happen, if there is something that says “do not touch me” it means this is the first thing to touch! I have to admit its usually pretty dissapointing becase I always expect some giant monster or something to jump out and start to chase me around.

Anyway, I think it would be good to write few lines about what I “do” or “did” in case anyone actually reads this sooo… from the begginning!

After creating an avi I didn’t really log that often because I didn’t had time so it was more like occasional exploring. I did alot of reading too and at that time my english was pretty lame so I hoped to meet some people and practice it lol.

First few days I was “buying” tons of crap from freebie shops feeling all wooow and stuff but soon realized these things are not really pretty. I remember it was maybe a week after I joined that I met some guy who said he likes my freebie wings, we became friends and few mins later he asked do I like vampires. Many months later I found out this happens pretty often lol. I do like vampires, and that guy bought me a new shape, laq skin, tons of new clothes and gave me some money to have fun shopping, in return he asked for my avi’s soul. Yeah I sold my avi’s soul for a better look 😀 The guy disappeared soon after it and I wanted more pretty things so first idea was to get a job and earn lindens.

I remember my very first “job” in SL was a pole dancer, one of my friends said its cool and she always earns tons of lindens with it so I tried it too. I got hired without an interview or anything, some girl handed me a notecard that had tons of other notecards inside and told me to use it to learn how to emote. Ok. For few days I was trying to do it, c/p lines from notecards and asking some friends to come over bc I was bored. Not a single person came over to my pole! They all laughed and said I suck so I gave up.

After that I was a model at some shop that was selling boots, big shop! My only duty was to sit on some thing and stay there for as long as I like. So I was working afk every afternoon when I had time to nap in rl, best job ever! My pay was a giftcard to use and buy boots from the shop so I stayed working there until I got all boots I liked:)

But that didn’t give me any lindens to spend so I found a club that was hiring models to be parts of some art installations. The club was looking awesome, it was in an underground dungeon below the biggest castle I saw in SL (its still there) and all models were posing naked inside these instalations. Was pretty cool, but soon after I started the manager from that club noticed I talk too much and I would be better as a hostess so I did that too, I think I was the best hostess they had because few months later I became a manager of that club and my job was to find and train other hosts which was omg a complete disaster lol. I learned alot of usefull stuff and was doing many things there, one of them was to take snapshots of all our parties and guests and post them on Fb so people called me paparazzi. I think this was a clue for my next SL adventure.

After the club closed I spent some time wandering around the grid and by accident met Reo, one of the guys that I hired before to be a host at that club (at the middle of his first shift he kinda forgot he is supposed to amuse people and got distracted with skype hahaha).  Anyway he told me he is a photographer now and its the best thing he did so I said ok I wona do that too!

I knew to take nice snapshots but I had no idea what means to “edit” a photo, so his suggestion was to start as a sales rep and slowly learn, which I did. I think its around that time when I accidentally discovered a gallery high in the air at, now sadly closed, Lost World sim. Well there were few photos that made me sit there and just stare. And drool. I checked the name and infos of the photographer who took them, found his flickr and quietly wished that one day I learn to create something half pretty as his work. Just in case, I made a Flickr account and added his pics as favorites. Cool thing was that (counted in SL time) few hundred years later I accidentally met him at some random club and said omgomg your photos are one of the reasons I became photographer!

So yeah, I was a sales rep and pretty soon became a photographer at that studio, people liked me and it was all cool. But the studio got closed! And I remember I was feeling sad and dissapointed but most of all I was feeling lazy to search for another decent studio that had nice people and a good boss. I had clients to meet and tons of stuff planned and no time to find a new place to work so I simply renamed my home parcel, rezzed a few boards there and just continued to do what I like.

Soon I had too many people coming in from God knows where and I had more work than I could handle. I remember I met Mali in some group chat and she came over to check my place, I told her I take clients and if she wants some, to take them. It was nothing serious, she just IMed the people and did their photos. So I put her pager there, and soon after it I asked River to come over. At that time River was the best photographer I knew, and who actually spent some time chatting with me.

Mali said to me, Pooks if you want me to work with you, you have to make it look like a real studio and I was like O.o. Yeah besides Mali Google was my best friend at that time! I honestly had no idea what am I doing but I liked the idea of a group of people to work together and do what they enjoy. I also like to organize stuff so this was like a new and exiting thing to do! I learned, for each step I consulted Google and anyone who had time to listen to me, I did tons of reading and made tons of mistakes. And I changed everything as often as I could 🙂

As I write this, the studio is well and alive, its located on the cute homestead sim which I share with my manager and SL sister Mina and if you want to find it just type “photo” or “photo studio” in the search, we are first lol

Besides running this studio and making photos for avatars I will try to make poses, I made m y first pose few days ago and Marit, owner of a huge and cool pose shop promised to put it on the next release. YAY

My wish is for the days to have at least 30 hours so I can find the time to  learn mesh (LOL) and make sculptures. Then I want to practice sim decorations (so I don’t spend days only on terrain like I do now) and learn how to create hairs because I can never find enough messy hairs in SL.  But right now I just want to find some button that says “save” so I don’t accidentally close this page and realize that everything went in some kind of a blog abyss. I never used this thing!

Byee :p



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